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New Forest and Agriculture Project
The area around Ghonghariya village has seen a significant amount of deforestation over the years. Much of the land is of poor quality and, along with little rain in previous years, it has been difficult for locals to grow agriculture and support their families. In order to address some of these issues, NPWT purchased some land near Ghonghariya village beside the river and from the 15th April 2012 NPWT has officially started its Forestry and Agriculture Project. One of the aims of the Project is to plant trees in South Bihar to assist retention of water in tree root systems and water tables during the monsoon ensuring better availability of water in the dry season. Currently in dry season the water tables and land dries up significantly, leaving the area looking more like a desert than fertile agriculture land. It is also hoped this can help minimise flooding problems further upriver in North Bihar during monsoon season.

In addition, by planting trees, the Trust hopes to be able to help reduce land temperatures in dry season, which can reach unbearable levels. The trees will also provide a place for the children and villagers to rest and take refuge from the sun. The project plans to replant trees on the site, including fruit trees, and grow vegetables which can be used to feed the children at Niranjana Boys’ Orphanage and families in hardship in the local village. The project will also help teach children and local villagers about agriculture, different growing techniques, including organics, and the importance of trees in helping reduce the impact of climate change. Since the start of the project, NPWT has improved the quality of the land by bringing in a lot of soil and compost. They have planted 1222 fruit trees, and 700 Sagwan trees. They have created a small organic vegetable garden which is being used to feed the boys at the Orphanage. A water pump has been installed and a storage building has been built for equipment and supplies.