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Introduction About Ghonghariya Village

Ghonghriya is remote village situated at Muhane river. It is about 10 km from Bodhgaya. The near town of Ghonghriya is Bodhgaya. The village is part of Bakrour (Sujata village). Panchayat blocks police station is Bodhgaya .

How We Reach

The nearest markets of Ghonghariya is Bodhgaya so most of the people cross the river and reach Bodhgaya by walk. It is about 10 km from here but in rainy season it is very difficult to cross the river due to water of flood but one good news for the people. The bridge is going to build by Bihar government. This bridge is hope for people of this area.
Also this village is connected by district town Gaya by this road. So in emergency people can go Gaya by this road distances town Gaya is about 20 K.M from here. There is no any facility’s of bus, car, and taxi for Ghonghariya so most of the people go by walk or by cycle.

Occupation Of Village Pepole

This village is one of the poorest backward village in Bodhgaya many of people are ill irate. The man of village people is agriculture so we can say most of the people depend on agriculture some of the people have land but many of the people who has no land they worked as labor in their field many of then doing work as a contraction labor.As well since last 50 years ago most of young generation has been moved in big city and work as labours skill.reason are under bellow:

  (A) The main problems of these are there is sandy, rocky land and also water label is very deep so the farmer face lots of problem for watering their crops. If the rain is good then they will able to start agriculture other wise they are not able to grow crops so many of the people of Ghonghriya specially youths of this village are drag since Private job in different city of India so the family situation is very hard because most of the youth are living very far away from their family. Their family miss them very much they leave from their village for earn money because there is no oppornity of job it is very necessary for them to go different big city to earn money and arrange food and cloth for their family.

There are many problem of this village such as Ghonghariya village also.
  (A) (1) There are no any transport facility for this village either people go by walk or use cycle and motor cycle but in the rain season it is also possible in the summer session very difficult to cross river in afternoon because sand very hot. Although this village is connected with road from Gaya but their road also there is no transport facility if some one have some taxi or Auto rickshaw it is very expensive.

  (2) It is said education is key part of success or development but unfortunately this and their surrounding village is very poor on education most of the people are expect children are un education so due to lack of education they don’t understand what is important of education they don’t know how can we grow good crepe? How can we develop our family? W hat is the good program for the poor people and farmer due to lake of awareness they are not sincere of the health and legume. Also there are no good electricity and hospital.
  (3) No Hospital,No Health center( there is the serious problem during of sickness or emergency time of health .
  (4) No community center, we do not have special center at the villages where we can have discussion or development plan.
  (5) There are only one Govt.school near our village.
  (6) Near the area there are more than 16 small part of village,

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Niranjana Intitiative For Ghonghriya

This village is not feslity of good education so one of children came to Niranjana school and many of the patent come to niranjana clinic so we visited that village many time Dumari visit of the village of Ghonghariya and also some near by village we found lot of problem their so we decided to do some activities for development of this village we saw many of children are very much agree to study and their family also want to give education to them so we stared their non formal school their in the next village there are government primary school but that is not enough for that students.

Staff Of Beam school Ghonghariya School


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